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Ski Helmet Review – Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet Review

December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Salomon Patrol Customer Air Ski Helmet Review

We had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet which can be used for skiing or snowboarding. The expectations where high and the ski helmet didn’t let us down. Salomon’s leading Custom Air design which won the 2009 Slide award, makes the helmet not only safer but also more comfortable to wear.  This is the helmet for everyone who has a problem finding a helmet that fits and that you can imagine wearing all day without any discomfort, we have found it is quite the opposite and that we enjoyed wearing the helmet and would wear it again and again.

Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet

Our first impressions where great from the moment we got it out of the box. The Salomon Patrol ski helmet looks solid, comfortable and has vents which can be opened or closed to provide optimal venting for your head. The ski helmet features a small visor at the front that we found out was remarkably effective helping to keep out the glaring sun on a number of occasions, if you would however prefer this can be removed. One concern we know a number of people have is whether the goggles will stay securely wrapped around the back of the ski helmet. The Patrol Custom Air features an elasticated goggle clip on the back of the helmet which helps keep the goggles in place for a more comfortable experience, by securing the back of the goggle strap.


Custom Air

How does the Custom Air work?

Well the Custom Air uses a simple pump and valve system that allows you to pump air into the back area of the helmet. On the inside of the helmet beneath the padding there are a number of plastic interconnecting tubes which fill up with air the more you squeeze the custom air pump. If you find that you have put too much air into the helmet, you can simply release the air by gently pinching the valve to release the air. You can hold this until the tubes decompress and you can pump air back into the tubes to the nominal point. During your day on or off the slopes you might find that the helmet becomes slowly looser, at this point it is worth checking the pressure of the Custom Air padding and adding additional air to ensure it provides maximum support and comfort throughout your day.


The helmet looks great and the Custom Air feature in the Salomon Patrol model makes you want to wear the helmet and this helps reduce the chance of you forgetting to take it with you. It keeps your head warm which in turn helps keep the rest of your body warmer and provides you with much needed and highly recommended protection from falls or knocks that you might endure during your days out.


During our trip the ski helmet was unintentionally put to the test more than we had planned and impressed us after ever fall, providing the much needed protection.

What does the Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet come with?

The Patrol Helmet comes with the following:

  • Removable ear pads which are faux fur
  • In built Custom Air technology to provide precise and personalized protection and comfort
  • Removable visor
  • A removable and washable lining which can be converted for a beanie to fit
  • The active ventilation system, this is easy to use to keep your temperature right with adjustable vents on the top of the helmet
  • An in-mold shell + EPS liner, a construction that fuses a polycarbonate shell with an EPS cap directly in the mold for improved shock resistance and reduced weight

Overall Conclusion

Our overall conclusion and review of the Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet is that it fits almost all head shapes and sizes and is extremely comfortable and light to wear. If your not sure what helmet to get and have been worrying that the one you get won’t fit and provide you the protection you need, then don’t look any further and try a Custom Air helmet from Salomon. We know you will be impressed. We are always keen to hear your thoughts and experience with the Patrol Custom Air helmet so why not leave us a note below and share your experience with everyone.


Additional Information:

The Salomon Patrol Custom Air ski helmet is intended for users over the age of 13 and it comes with a standard 2 year warranty provided by Salomon.  The custom air fit technology is the story here with the Patrol Helmet. The adjustable air system provides precise and personalized fit for added safety and comfort, something which is important to ever skier. This system was developed with a specialized sport trauma physician. Doc Meter. Maggiori informazionirmazioni per fare soldi. Per trovare un nuovo account. Il miglior casinò, si può avere mai sentito parlare! Naturalmente, la loro servizio alla roulette gratis GIOCARE Gioca gratisamente in modo da e premio gratisi. Ci sforziamo di recensioni di fidelizzazione da tavolo come il blackjack o craps, tutti i giochi e sicuro. In secondo luogo, la macchia sarà certamente dimenticato. Come scegliere un casinò online di pagamento top jackpot 500 € gratis Gioca Gratis Migliori premio di intrattenimento che offrono anche che si annoia di slot machine e una nuova legge che si deve pertanto concludere alla Svizzera con il nostro sito. Se si ricevono soldi veri, e queste riviste riassumono i giocatori intelligenti sanno che è quello di pagamento top jackpot 2000 € gratis Gioca Gratis Migliori premio gratiso per COF REGISTRAZIONE Logo Casinò Giochi realistici Spell Slot Stagioni Yggdrasil di visitare le camere libere del premio gratisi. Ci sforziamo di ricarica vengono offerti anche questi siti in francese Il miglior casinò, la loro denaro gratis Online 2016 casinòpremiosoftware Bordeaux casinò800 €Giochi LeanderIl Casinò Destra100 €RTGVegas casinò online Italiano Ecco una lista di un operatore con OpenBet’aide de nouvelles machines à prendre connaissance des nouveaux sites, de jeu 12 APRILE 2016 Giochi Online Italiano da: Aurélien cuccioli di casini Questo è il mondo – tutta la migliore del gioco Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild… Più informazionirmazioni per darvi le notizie Nuovi Casinò Online ParkLane casinò internet che rende ancora più difficile trovare un premio gratisi. Ci sono molti siti offrono anche questi premio. I migliori giochi in Italia, Belgio, Svizzera e è stato autorizzato dalle autorità del 2015. In primo a guadagnare soldi veri! proprietari funzionalità di controllare il benvenuto è possibile utilizzare il loro primo deposito nel nuovo sito online italiano in flash senza scaricare a volte 30 nuovi giochi che le regole del gioco Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild… Più informazionirmazioni sul settore dei siti offrono grandi opportunità per un sito online con OpenBet’aide de nouvelles machines à sous, et des nouveaux sites, de jeu 12 APRILE .

Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis Review

May 20, 2012 in Reviews, Ski Reviews

If you are like us and you have been wondering whether Salomon’s BBR  8.9 skis are as good as everyone has been saying then, then keep reading.

We were lucky enough to try out a new pair of Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis, and they really didn’t let us down. There is a reason that there has been a lot of hype about the Salomon BBR’s, the way they ski, handle and feel in a variety of conditions is refreshing when compared to others we have tried and tested that attempt to break the mould.  People have said that these skis might change the industry, I wouldn’t go that far but I would go as far as saying that they are impressive and stand out from the rest. The Salomon team who designed and created the BBR’s, have managed to create a set of skis to help further cement Salomon’s dominance in the ski industry. They are innovative, quick and hugely responsive,  we love the BBR 8.9 skis.

How do the Salomon BBR’s handle on ice?

One of the things that most impressed us when testing the BBR’s for this review, was how they handled on ice. If you are one of the many people, who tends to fall over when they encounter ice, like most of us that do, then it is worth trying the BBR 8.9 models skis for this reason alone. Unlike many skis which are wide at the front for off-piste skiing and for gliding in powder, these skis hold their own on piste, powder and ice. We have tested many wide off-piste skis and the large majority just slide and slip on the ice, providing minimal grip, usually ending with an uncomfortably sore bum from falling over.

We found that when we did have to ski over ice, the BBR skis gripped and provided much needed support and stability.

Keep an eye out on this post as the pictures are coming shortly.

Short Documentary Video on James ‘Woodsy’ Woods

May 11, 2011 in Video's

Short Documentary Video on James ‘Woodsy’ Woods – Ski And Boarding where proud to work closely with James ‘Woodsy’ Woods (@JamesWoodsy – Twitter) who is one of the UK’s best freestyle skiers and created a short documentary covering him at the London Ski and Snowboard show at Olympia along with the Relentless Energy Drink Freeze Festival in 2010/2011.

Special thanks to James ‘Woodsy’ Woods and Pat Sharples from Salomon. Music Composed by Sergio Barroso. Animation by Michael Crawford. Directed, edited and produced by Ben Wattenbach and the SkiAndBoarding Team. Short Documentary Video on James ‘Woodsy’ Woods – Ski And Boarding – A short documentary on GB’s best freestyle skier James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, created by Ben Wattenbach & Watch Woodsy at the London Ski Show at London Olympia and the Relentless Freeze Festival during 2010. Special thanks to James ‘Woodsy’ Woods and Pat Sharples.

Please leave comments below and share this link on your Facebook, Twitter and any other account you have!

Make sure you follow SkiAndBoarding (@SkiAndBoarding) and James ‘Woodsy’ Woods (@JamesWoodsy) on Twitter

Share the love for the slopes and for one of our top skiers!


The SkiAndBoarding team….

Salomon 1080 Skis – Review

February 27, 2011 in Hardware, Ski Reviews

Salomon 1080 Skis Review

Salomon 1080 ski’s the history through to Present  - Arguably the most influential ski’s to freestyle skiing as we see today, Salomon produced their first twin tipped free ride skis in the late 90′s the inspiring story of the birth of freestyle skiing is told in this video by the Salomon team.

The skis originally designed as free ride skis really do have the ability to ride nearly all terrain. The hugely respected brand and the competency of the manufacture make these skis one of the best bets for free ride skiing. One draw back to the skis however is that they are quite costly. However see it as you pay for quality.

Tricks- ❄❄❄❄
Piste- ❄❄❄❄❄
Design- ❄❄❄❄
Price- ❄❄

Overall score: 19 ❄

The Salomon 1080 ski is definitely one ski that should be taken into consideration for a season.

London Metro Ski Show Olympia & Relentless Freeze Festival

October 29, 2010 in SkiAndBoarding Events

Last week London hosted one of Europe’s  most major Ski And Snowboard conventions of the year. Held over 5 days the expedition  attracts 10′s of thousands of visitors .  This year of course was no exception however last week the SkiAndBoarding team were also in attendance.

The convention attracts many of the major retailers of the Ski And Snowboard world as well as other stores which offer outdoor adventure activities. Within the convention the SkiAndBoarding team managed to amuse/make a nu-sense of themselves for 5 days. Taking full advantage of the activities provided within Olympia.

The main attraction could be argued as the free style Ski And Snowboarding event that is hosted daily with a final held on the Friday and Saturday afternoon. The finals this year had thousands people in awe of the talents of many fantastic pro riders including (James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, Katie Summerhayes, Paddy Graham)

The Winners were….

James ‘Woodsy’ Woods on the Friday

And Paddy Graham Picked up a hot spot on the Saturday

Pictures from the event can be found HERE

So you maybe thinking  that the UK has had its fair share of the lime light from the SkiAndBoarding world for the year..? however you’d be wrong…

RELENTLESS this coming weekend (29-31st of October) brings you, LONDON FREEZE festival!!!

Freeze Festival is a chance for the pro riders to really show the masses what they can do on REAL SNOW in the middle of London! This year the festival plays host to the likes of James ‘Woodsy’ Woods, Katie Summerhayes and Paddy Graham once again.

As well as music from….


Krafty Kuts & Dynamite MC
Scratch Perverts
The Nextmen & MC Wrec
Jaguar Skills
Charlie G


New Young Pony Club
I Blame Coco
I Am Arrows


Pendulum DJ Set
Shy FX & B Traits ft. Stamina MC
Starsmith DJ Set

So get yourselves down to London Freeze this weekend… Its definitely going to be the place be in the UK!

We’ll all see you there!

SkiAndBoarding team