Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots – Review

February 19, 2012 in Hardware, Reviews, Ski Boots Reviews

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Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots







Lange Blast 9 Ski Boots Review review on the Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots.


Our initial thoughts:

The Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots are one of our favourites and a personally favourite of mine. The first time I saw these boots they immediately stood out; the gorgeous design, graphics and colours work brilliantly. There are many ski boots out in the market that perform brilliantly but I like a pair of ski boots that not only performs well but that looks awesome. These boots unfortunately won’t be for everyone, as it is very important to get a pair of ski boots that is the right fit for your feet.

The Lange Ski Boots and the Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots in particular are known for being a better fit for those who have thinner feet than the rest. If you have averagely wide feet then you might find these a bit too tight, this can cause many unwanted painful problems if used even just a few times and could even result in damaged or split shins. Luckily for me the Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots feet my long thin fit perfectly :)

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Front

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Front

How do the ski boots perform?

One thing I have always found to be a problem with ski boots is finding a pair the keeps my toes warm and that doesn’t cause incredible shin pain after a days skiing. When I tried the Blaster 9 ski boots from Lange  it was refreshing to find a pair of ski boots that felt comfortable all day long and didn’t leave me with sore shins after a long days skiing. The ski boots seem to be very responsive and transmit the slightest movements or changes in direction to the skis, whilst providing excellent support.

I think one of the reasons that the Lange blaster 9 ski boots are so comfortable, is because of the self shaping tongue. The self shaping tongue pretty much does exactly what it says and shapes itself to mould around your shin, this way it provides the most support where it is needed and helps effectively distribute any pressure.



Features and details:

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Buckle
Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Buckle

The ski boots are easy to get on and off thanks to the ingenious design of the buckles. Unlike most buckles on ski boots these have a 360 degree rotational pivot which means when you have undone one buckle you can simply turn it to face away from the boots, this helps prevent it annoyingly fall back unto the lower settings whilst your undoing the other buckles. One things that used to always annoy me at the end of the day, is messing around when trying to take your boots off, when all you want is that free feeling with the ability to wiggle your toes again and stretch your feet. This simple yet effective buckle design make a surprising amount of difference to the overall enjoyment of the boots.

Lange Blaster 9 Self shaping tongue

Lange Blaster 9 Self shaping tongue







All in all we think the Lange boots provide an excellent skiing experience and help deliver support where its needed. The Blaster series from Lange is an All Mountain boots so works equally well on the slopes or off piste. We highly recommend trying on a pair and finding the right fit for you :) .


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