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Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis Review

May 20, 2012 in Reviews, Ski Reviews

If you are like us and you have been wondering whether Salomon’s BBR  8.9 skis are as good as everyone has been saying then, then keep reading.

We were lucky enough to try out a new pair of Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis, and they really didn’t let us down. There is a reason that there has been a lot of hype about the Salomon BBR’s, the way they ski, handle and feel in a variety of conditions is refreshing when compared to others we have tried and tested that attempt to break the mould.  People have said that these skis might change the industry, I wouldn’t go that far but I would go as far as saying that they are impressive and stand out from the rest. The Salomon team who designed and created the BBR’s, have managed to create a set of skis to help further cement Salomon’s dominance in the ski industry. They are innovative, quick and hugely responsive,  we love the BBR 8.9 skis.

How do the Salomon BBR’s handle on ice?

One of the things that most impressed us when testing the BBR’s for this review, was how they handled on ice. If you are one of the many people, who tends to fall over when they encounter ice, like most of us that do, then it is worth trying the BBR 8.9 models skis for this reason alone. Unlike many skis which are wide at the front for off-piste skiing and for gliding in powder, these skis hold their own on piste, powder and ice. We have tested many wide off-piste skis and the large majority just slide and slip on the ice, providing minimal grip, usually ending with an uncomfortably sore bum from falling over.

We found that when we did have to ski over ice, the BBR skis gripped and provided much needed support and stability.

Keep an eye out on this post as the pictures are coming shortly.

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots – Review

February 19, 2012 in Hardware, Reviews, Ski Boots Reviews

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Banner Image

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots







Lange Blast 9 Ski Boots Review review on the Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots.


Our initial thoughts:

The Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots are one of our favourites and a personally favourite of mine. The first time I saw these boots they immediately stood out; the gorgeous design, graphics and colours work brilliantly. There are many ski boots out in the market that perform brilliantly but I like a pair of ski boots that not only performs well but that looks awesome. These boots unfortunately won’t be for everyone, as it is very important to get a pair of ski boots that is the right fit for your feet.

The Lange Ski Boots and the Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots in particular are known for being a better fit for those who have thinner feet than the rest. If you have averagely wide feet then you might find these a bit too tight, this can cause many unwanted painful problems if used even just a few times and could even result in damaged or split shins. Luckily for me the Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots feet my long thin fit perfectly :)

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Front

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Front

How do the ski boots perform?

One thing I have always found to be a problem with ski boots is finding a pair the keeps my toes warm and that doesn’t cause incredible shin pain after a days skiing. When I tried the Blaster 9 ski boots from Lange  it was refreshing to find a pair of ski boots that felt comfortable all day long and didn’t leave me with sore shins after a long days skiing. The ski boots seem to be very responsive and transmit the slightest movements or changes in direction to the skis, whilst providing excellent support.

I think one of the reasons that the Lange blaster 9 ski boots are so comfortable, is because of the self shaping tongue. The self shaping tongue pretty much does exactly what it says and shapes itself to mould around your shin, this way it provides the most support where it is needed and helps effectively distribute any pressure.



Features and details:

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Buckle
Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Buckle

The ski boots are easy to get on and off thanks to the ingenious design of the buckles. Unlike most buckles on ski boots these have a 360 degree rotational pivot which means when you have undone one buckle you can simply turn it to face away from the boots, this helps prevent it annoyingly fall back unto the lower settings whilst your undoing the other buckles. One things that used to always annoy me at the end of the day, is messing around when trying to take your boots off, when all you want is that free feeling with the ability to wiggle your toes again and stretch your feet. This simple yet effective buckle design make a surprising amount of difference to the overall enjoyment of the boots.

Lange Blaster 9 Self shaping tongue

Lange Blaster 9 Self shaping tongue







All in all we think the Lange boots provide an excellent skiing experience and help deliver support where its needed. The Blaster series from Lange is an All Mountain boots so works equally well on the slopes or off piste. We highly recommend trying on a pair and finding the right fit for you :) .


If your not sure what skis to get, to go with your ski boots then why not check out our range of ski reviews such as the Rossignol S80 ski review here…

Understanding your Skis

January 21, 2012 in Hardware

Understanding Ski Talk and Ski Features
Helping you find the Ski Thats Right for You. Which Ski is right for you?

Shopping for skis can unfortunately be a mine field instead of a powder one :( .  To help you through this expensive tedious process has come up with some top selection tips this season.


What are you looking for?  

Skis are all different. It may seem obvious to some but decide what type of ski you are looking for before you take on the mountainous task of looking through the 100’s of skis on offer. Ask yourself these questions;

What level skier are you?

Are you an off piste skier or on piste?

Do you prefer to spend all day on reds and black runs or in the snow park?

What conditions are you used to skiing in? (Will you only venture out in the few perfect days of a season where the sun is bright and the powder untouched, or ski whatever the conditions?)

How much do you want to spend?

All of these questions will dictate the type of ski you’re looking for.


The technical bit

-        Camber; The camber is most easily seen when the skis are laid on the floor. It shows the distance between the floor and the ski as the tip and tail are cemented to the floor. The more camber the skis have the greater distance between the floor and ski. A greater camber is generally indicative of a lively ski. It provides a system that allows greater grip along the length of the ski.










-        Reverse Camber /Rocker; Skis with large amounts of reverse camber are also seen as bowed. It is often obvious when placing them on the floor that the nose and tail lift allowing the rider to cope with powder conditions easier. Large amounts of reverse camber can however affect the grip and stability on the slope.


-        Core ;  This provides the basis of which the ski is constructed on. Skis can be made out of a variety of different core structures. The most common are; fibreglass, wood and metal. It has recently become the trend to use lighter and stronger materials as different compounds have become cheaper. All of which provides the skis with a more lively and dynamic feel. However denser materials and compounds are still widely used as they provide the rider with stability as well as acting as a shock absorbing material to dampen vibrations. All combine to allow for a smoother ride.





-        Radius; The radius of the ski is important when considering the type of style skier you are. Are you a laid back skier who combines wide turns with a chilled out attitude, or are you a more aggressive rider with the intention of making sharp precise turns. The radius of the ski dictates to what extent the skis can turn comfortably within. Downhill skis will have a radius of around 12m; whilst all mountain skis maybe nearer 44m.

Powder Skiing








-        Flex; The flex is pretty much what it sounds like it should be. The amount the ski bends and flexes without detrimental change to the original designed shape or snapping of the ski. When considering the flex of the ski it should be noted that the softer flexing skis make for an easier ride whilst harder flex in skis provide more stability.

Ski Flexion

Flexing Skiis








-        The Side Cut; What might sound like a bad hair do to some is actually in skiing terms a phrase that is used to describe  how curvy the sides of the skis are. It is also known as the waist line of the ski. The difference in middle of the ski (waistline) compared to the front and back of the ski.  Narrower waist lines often allow for greater piste control whilst wider waist lines are often found in powder skis as they are less likely to sink in powder.


-        Bindings; Connecting you to your ski’s bindings are often overlooked. It is important the correct pair is selected for the right purpose. Almost more importantly is that they are adjusted by professionals as ill adjusted bindings can cause serious injury/ ruin your skiing experience.


When to buy

Strictly speaking the best time of year to buy all your ski gear is towards the end of the season when retailers are trying to shift stock for the summer, in preparation for next years range, however saying that you maybe lucky enough to bag yourself a good deal in January sales.  Remember to always ask what retailers best price is and whether they can do any deals on multi buy products throw in a bag, goggles etc. If you’re looking for a reliable second hand pair of skis try Ebay (from a reputable seller) (where you can swap trade or buy) or

Failing all of this check out ‘s reviews and partner pages.

Happy Skiing – Team

Rossignol S80 Skis – Review

January 7, 2012 in Hardware, Reviews, Ski Reviews

Rossignol S80 Skis – Review. review on the Rossignol S80 Skis.

Our thoughts:

Last season we were lucky enough to get our snow mits on the Rossignol Freeride S80 Skis. What were our initial thoughts on these skis? We LOVE the Rossignol S80 Skis!


Why do we love these skis so much?

Personally they suit my style of skiing perfectly. If you love a good bit of POW when your storming down a slope and you’re like me and just dart of the edge of the piste into the unknown, these skis are for you. The end of the skis are turned up more than a lot of skis I have tested and this allows for what I like to call the floating effect, when you are in or rather on a sea of crystal white powder you can just float through and with these skis you do not suffer much resistance or lose of speed.


Rossignol S80 Skis


What are the Rossignol S80 Skis made of?

The Rossignol S80 Skis are compiled of titanium layers sandwiched between wood-cores, similar to the Rossignol Bandit SC80’s.

This provide for a sturdy and strong ski that can handle a significant amount of shock or impact. For those of you who fly of ledges and enjoy dropping a few feet, the Rossignol S80 Skis should treat you well.


How do the Rossignol S80 Skis feel?

To sum up how these freeride skis feel, they feel smooth and crisp. They are more responsive for powder than on piste but are still an impressive all round skis. They build quality of the skis is second to none and this results in increased stability, this can be important for those of you who tend to catch and edge or an unfortunate hard patch of snow. The Rossignol skis feel great.


What we think of the design?

The skis look pretty slick and stand out from your average rental pair. If you have finished for the morning and have shoved your skis in the snow whilst you grab sausage, chips and a hot chocolate; mmm hot chocolate; you can pick them out with ease from the bunch. The text ‘Rossignol’ is artistically written in a stencil design which looks as if its been spray painted on. The rest of design is made up of light colours and a mixture of faded shapes and designs that make the skis look edgy and match the freestyle look.


The Rossignol Skis could be improved graphically by having a sleek and stand out design on the base of the skis so that when you are 10 foot in the air people not only are jealous of your ability but also jealous of how sick your skis look. Unfortunately the only thing we can think lets these skis down is the plain black base.

Piste and Off Piste Mix:

The Rossignol S80 skis are roughly designed for 70% Off Piste use and 30% on Piste.  If you are one of these skiers that doesn’t turn and just likes to bomb down runs, these skis aren’t for you as they get slightly shaky at high speeds but for the casual freestyle ski guru who likes to go out and rip up the slopes anywhere and everywhere you can not really set a foot wrong with these skis.

Salomon Lord Skis – Review

October 22, 2011 in Hardware, Reviews, Ski Reviews

Salomon Lord review on the Salomon Lord skis.

Our thoughts:
Love these Skis. That’s in simple terms; keep reading for why we love these skis. After attending the Slide event and meeting up with our friends Pat Sharples, Tord Nilson who ran us through the range of skis, helmets and the new BBR’s we thought we better give the Salomon Lord skis a run for their money. We were not disappointed when we thrashed these skis around on the slopes and in the powder.


Salomon Lord Skis

Salomon Lord Skis

Why do we love these skis so much?

The Salomon Lord skis allow you to lovely smooth long turns in all conditions. Nothing beats running the length of the mountain on a sunny day after a down pour of powder. If you decide that Off Piste is the way for you then the partial tip rocker will help you glide around with minimal effort but for maximum enjoyment. The front ends of the Salomon Lord skis are bent slightly upwards so that floatation in POW is enjoyable and easy. If you jump back onto the piste and fancy having a play throwing in a few turns here and there and dipping of left and right and generally just making a nuisance of you self then seriously think about trying these skis.


What are the Salomon Lord Skis made of?

The Salomon Lord skis consist of a wood-core cap construction that provide an extremely stable set of skis that you can ride almost anywhere.


How do the Salomon Lord Skis feel?

Now imagine you have just woken up to 6 feet of fresh powder to find that for one day only you have the mountain to yourself for you and your friends with the addition of being given a cooked breakfast in bed. That’s how these skis feel, they are purposefully built to make you feel good and we would recommend them primarily for people who are looking to improve their overall skill level or for those who want to experiment safely off piste. Remember safety first snow lovers!


What we think of the design?

Elegant and simplistic playful graphics make for a fun to look at set of skis. The colours are a bit dark but this is fine and well suited to those dark powder junkies who are relentless and do not feel the cold. We do think the skis could be a bit brighter or made to stand out more but its good to have a variety, they will be someone’s cup of tea but although we think they look good, we don’t feel they have the wow factor. The lack of design does make its self up and more with the performance though so they skis do have a fitting dark side to them after all.


Piste and Off Piste Mix:

The Salomon Lord Skis are pretty evenly split 50-50 for piste and off piste use. They look slick, feel great and make you look cool effortlessly. If you are looking to perform quick sharp turns or try out for your local alpine slalom ski team, then these are quite right. They are designed or longer turns and for day where you simply just want to hit the mountain and have fun with your friends.

Atomic Coax Skis – Review

October 22, 2011 in Hardware, Reviews, Ski Reviews

Atomic Coax. review on the Atomic Coax skis.

Our thoughts:
Seriously think about buying the Atomic Coax Skis if you are a freeride expert. Keep reading the SkiAndBoarding review on the Atomic Coax Skis to help make your decision that much easier this season. Our initial thoughts are that these Skis are a large amount of fun. After meeting the Atomic Team at various events throughout the year we were sold into the skis and we are glad we were. They are responsive, stable and a seriously large amount of fun! It is quite incredibly how the Atomic Coax skis just glide you through powder as if you were skiing on a cloud, its seamless slick movements and turn provide for a great experience particularly off piste.


Why do we love these skis so much?

The Atomic Coax skis were reviewed over and over again by different members of the SkiAndBoarding team, all with pretty much the same outcome. The review of the Atomic Coax skis was a success because they offer almost unmatched fun and control off piste. We love skiing off piste and venturing into the unknown wilderness. If you are the same as off and generally like the thrill of not being able to see your legs as your zipping those skis between trees and bushes then consider purchasing the Atomic Coax skis. If you are a skier who primarily lives on piste, then these skis aren’t for you.


Atomic Coax Ski review

Atomic Coax Ski

What are the Atomic Coax Skis made of?

The Atomic Coax Skis are made up and designed mostly off a wood-core, partial cap and partial sidewall design. The sidewalls are made up of a consistent and hardwearing tripe layer; it is this that helps provide the stability most skis require and what skiers look for.


How do the Atomic Coax Skis feel?

Lets put it this way, at the waist of the skis they are around 105mmm wide, if you do not know what this means, it means that boy these Atomic Coax skis can glide through powder like nothing else we have tried. Not only do they glide cleanly through layers of thick POW but still provide the agile nimble feel we were hoping for that allows for a responsive change of direction.


The Atomic Coax Skis feel incredible off piste and still very good and impressive on piste, without requiring to much hard work, which we like.


What we think of the design?

BACKCOUNTRY! This is what comes to mind when we saw the Atomic Coax Skis for the first time when we picked them up to review them and test these beautiful skis. With fun and slightly serious looking graphics we love the design and fun nature of the skis. The Design of the Atomic Skis lies brilliantly in line with their feel and purpose. Off piste you are amongst mother nature, storming through trees upon trees. On the Atomic Skis you will see a Native Indian looking fellow almost coaxing you on to them, to us he is saying trust me you will enjoy this ride; he wasn’t wrong we LOVED the ride.


Piste and Off Piste Mix:

The Atomic Coax Skis provide a much simpler and definitive split between piste and off piste use. We would say its around 30% on piste and 70% off piste. If you are looking for a new pair of Atomic Coax Skis that will provide you the confidence, feel and responsiveness off piste that you so badly desire then why not grab the Coax Skis from Atomic. You will not be disappointed, we most definitely weren’t!


Salomon 1080 Skis – Review

February 27, 2011 in Hardware, Ski Reviews

Salomon 1080 Skis Review

Salomon 1080 ski’s the history through to Present  - Arguably the most influential ski’s to freestyle skiing as we see today, Salomon produced their first twin tipped free ride skis in the late 90′s the inspiring story of the birth of freestyle skiing is told in this video by the Salomon team.

The skis originally designed as free ride skis really do have the ability to ride nearly all terrain. The hugely respected brand and the competency of the manufacture make these skis one of the best bets for free ride skiing. One draw back to the skis however is that they are quite costly. However see it as you pay for quality.

Tricks- ❄❄❄❄
Piste- ❄❄❄❄❄
Design- ❄❄❄❄
Price- ❄❄

Overall score: 19 ❄

The Salomon 1080 ski is definitely one ski that should be taken into consideration for a season.

GoPro LCD Screen for your 1080p HD HERO camera

February 1, 2011 in Clothing & Accessories, Hardware

Buy your LCD SCREEN @

Well If you didnt know already GoPro® have today launched their latest  accessory for the GoPro® 1080p HD Hero Cameras… The LCD BacPac is a detachable LCD screen for your GoPro® 1080p HD HERO camera



. As a removable accessory, the LCD BacPac keeps your camera as small and light as possible, yet provides the convenience of an LCD screen when attached.

Enhanced Convenience:

Use your HD HERO as an everyday camera
Frame complex scenes, see what you shoot
Playback footage instantly on your HD HERO
Simple one button design for easy control
Integrated speaker with volume control
What’s included:
• 1 LCD BacPac screen
• 1 Waterproof backdoor for HD HERO housing
• 1 Waterproof backdoor for HD Wrist housing
• 1 Non-waterproof Skeleton backdoor for
HD HERO housing
• 1 Non-waterproof Skeleton backdoor for
HD Wrist housing
• 1 Year Warranty

Buy your LCD SCREEN @


Sunglass Hut Artist Series – limited edition collection

December 20, 2010 in Clothing & Accessories, Hardware, Sunglasses


Sunglass Hut has just launched the Sunglass Hut Artist Series limited collection, designed by Mike Ming, a Brooklyn-based painter whose work has been seen from murals on tobacco barns of North Carolina to Tokyo Japan’s revolutionary art gallery, Dyezu-Experiment.

Artist Series Sunglasses

Ming uniquely designed 100 pair of sunglasses exclusively for the Sunglass Hut Artist Series, which will become available on Each piece retails for $175.00, $30.00 of which will be donated to OneSight.

A video detailing the project can be viewed:

Styles include:

For Immediate Release
Sunglass Hut Unveils Mike Ming’s Exclusive Collection
for the Sunglass Hut Artist Series

(New York, NY) December 16, 2010 – Sunglass Hut is pleased to announce the return of the Sunglass Hut Artist Series, an annual program, which sources up-and-coming artists to create exclusive collectible sunglasses in support of OneSight – the charitable foundation created to help restore and preserve clear vision for adults and children in need worldwide.. This year, Sunglass Hut has partnered with Mike Ming, a Brooklyn-based painter whose work has been seen from murals on tobacco barns of North Carolina to Tokyo Japan’s revolutionary art gallery, Dyezu-Experiment.

Ming has uniquely designed 100 pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers exclusively for the Sunglass Hut Artist Series.  Each frame is signed and numbered by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.  Mike’s work deals with a melting of interests, hobbies, techniques and narratives. His style evolved from his childhood interests of comics, cartoons, visual contemporary/modern arts, museums, popular culture as well as ‘primitive’ and aboriginal imagery and prehistoric/timeless designs. The collection will be available exclusively on beginning Thursday, December 16th. Each piece retails for $175.00, $30.00 of which will be donated to OneSight.

“We’re thrilled to work with Mike Ming for the latest installment of the Sunglass Hut Artist Series,” said Marcello Favagrossa, Vice President of Marketing, Sunglass Hut North America. “With his bold and fluid use of color to illustrate movement and motion that is reminiscent of bike riding, skateboarding, and surfing, Mike brings a new chapter to the history of the Artist Series.  He has created a must-have accessory just in time for the holiday season.  Each piece in this limited edition collection is truly a piece of art.”  He continued, “As a retailer, the Sunglass Hut Artist Series allows us to maintain our commitment to the consumer to offer a fresh, fun perspective on the eyewear category.  This collection is expected to be a best-seller for”

The work of Mike Ming is made up of drips, blots and lines, which create an artistic communication within the artwork. The movement in shape creates rhythms, melodies and exclamations similar to those made in music. Ming’s creations are dictated by influences, visual references, and immediate stimulation/experiences.

“It is an honor to follow in the footsteps of the other artists who have had the privilege to create works of art for the Sunglass Hut Artist Series,” said Mike Ming. “I was excited to use sunglasses as my canvas and have my work contribute to a great charitable cause.”

The Sunglass Hut Artist Series was founded in 2009 and has featured the works of artists Chris Mendoza and Maya Hayuk.

OneSight is a family of charitable programs dedicated to improving vision for those in need worldwide, through outreach, research and education.  Since 1988, their global programs have helped more than six million people around the world see more clearly.  OneSight also supports research and education, granting more than $6 million towards vision preservation and thousands of dollars in scholarships to students pursuing a degree in optometry.