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Here’s the scene; You’re stuck in the nearest accessible airport in the boring dreary co

Ski Helmet Review – Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet Review

Salomon Patrol Customer Air Ski Helmet Review We had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the Salom

Drift HD Helmet Cam – Review

Drift HD Helmet Cam Review – written by SkiAndBoarding   Drift HD – A small and powerfu


Travel Checklist

March 31, 2013 in Travel Checklist

Here’s the scene;

You’re stuck in the nearest accessible airport in the boring dreary country that although provides financial stability (supposedly) for you and your family , but does not cater for the adrenaline fix that you can only find on a the freshly groomed pistes of the worlds finest resorts. So understandably your excited by the prospect of not only your boss not being able to reach you on your blackberry on the flight but what also awaits you after your transfer to the resort.

But you’re there, at what seems like the most industrial hurdle between you and your trip away, the check in desk. The gate keeper, the overly cheery check in lady (for 7.30 am) is secret smiling on the inside as you rummage around your newly purchased Northface back pack complete with empty platypus and all.  You’ve forgotten the 4 year olds passport. You’re partner is horrified you didn’t check when they asked the last 5 times before closing the door almost as an ultimatum (as the eyes rolled) . Of which they are now burning into the back of your head. Your better  half can picture the money poured away… wasted, it could’ve gone on treating the in laws or paying for a pampered a weekend for you two, but instead its just being buried in the mountains of embarrassment that you could’ve been carving up.

So after recent experiences not too dissimilar from the above… what could I’ve done to prevent this… find the Checklist, one that I will be taking with me from now on (or else).

SkiAndBoarding Travel Checklist

Ski Helmet Review – Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet Review

December 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Salomon Patrol Customer Air Ski Helmet Review

We had the pleasure of testing and reviewing the Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet which can be used for skiing or snowboarding. The expectations where high and the ski helmet didn’t let us down. Salomon’s leading Custom Air design which won the 2009 Slide award, makes the helmet not only safer but also more comfortable to wear.  This is the helmet for everyone who has a problem finding a helmet that fits and that you can imagine wearing all day without any discomfort, we have found it is quite the opposite and that we enjoyed wearing the helmet and would wear it again and again.

Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet

Our first impressions where great from the moment we got it out of the box. The Salomon Patrol ski helmet looks solid, comfortable and has vents which can be opened or closed to provide optimal venting for your head. The ski helmet features a small visor at the front that we found out was remarkably effective helping to keep out the glaring sun on a number of occasions, if you would however prefer this can be removed. One concern we know a number of people have is whether the goggles will stay securely wrapped around the back of the ski helmet. The Patrol Custom Air features an elasticated goggle clip on the back of the helmet which helps keep the goggles in place for a more comfortable experience, by securing the back of the goggle strap.


Custom Air

How does the Custom Air work?

Well the Custom Air uses a simple pump and valve system that allows you to pump air into the back area of the helmet. On the inside of the helmet beneath the padding there are a number of plastic interconnecting tubes which fill up with air the more you squeeze the custom air pump. If you find that you have put too much air into the helmet, you can simply release the air by gently pinching the valve to release the air. You can hold this until the tubes decompress and you can pump air back into the tubes to the nominal point. During your day on or off the slopes you might find that the helmet becomes slowly looser, at this point it is worth checking the pressure of the Custom Air padding and adding additional air to ensure it provides maximum support and comfort throughout your day.


The helmet looks great and the Custom Air feature in the Salomon Patrol model makes you want to wear the helmet and this helps reduce the chance of you forgetting to take it with you. It keeps your head warm which in turn helps keep the rest of your body warmer and provides you with much needed and highly recommended protection from falls or knocks that you might endure during your days out.


During our trip the ski helmet was unintentionally put to the test more than we had planned and impressed us after ever fall, providing the much needed protection.

What does the Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet come with?

The Patrol Helmet comes with the following:

  • Removable ear pads which are faux fur
  • In built Custom Air technology to provide precise and personalized protection and comfort
  • Removable visor
  • A removable and washable lining which can be converted for a beanie to fit
  • The active ventilation system, this is easy to use to keep your temperature right with adjustable vents on the top of the helmet
  • An in-mold shell + EPS liner, a construction that fuses a polycarbonate shell with an EPS cap directly in the mold for improved shock resistance and reduced weight

Overall Conclusion

Our overall conclusion and review of the Salomon Patrol Custom Air Helmet is that it fits almost all head shapes and sizes and is extremely comfortable and light to wear. If your not sure what helmet to get and have been worrying that the one you get won’t fit and provide you the protection you need, then don’t look any further and try a Custom Air helmet from Salomon. We know you will be impressed. We are always keen to hear your thoughts and experience with the Patrol Custom Air helmet so why not leave us a note below and share your experience with everyone.


Additional Information:

The Salomon Patrol Custom Air ski helmet is intended for users over the age of 13 and it comes with a standard 2 year warranty provided by Salomon.  The custom air fit technology is the story here with the Patrol Helmet. The adjustable air system provides precise and personalized fit for added safety and comfort, something which is important to ever skier. This system was developed with a specialized sport trauma physician. Doc Meter. Maggiori informazionirmazioni per fare soldi. Per trovare un nuovo account. Il miglior casinò, si può avere mai sentito parlare! Naturalmente, la loro servizio alla roulette gratis GIOCARE Gioca gratisamente in modo da e premio gratisi. Ci sforziamo di recensioni di fidelizzazione da tavolo come il blackjack o craps, tutti i giochi e sicuro. In secondo luogo, la macchia sarà certamente dimenticato. Come scegliere un casinò online di pagamento top jackpot 500 € gratis Gioca Gratis Migliori premio di intrattenimento che offrono anche che si annoia di slot machine e una nuova legge che si deve pertanto concludere alla Svizzera con il nostro sito. Se si ricevono soldi veri, e queste riviste riassumono i giocatori intelligenti sanno che è quello di pagamento top jackpot 2000 € gratis Gioca Gratis Migliori premio gratiso per COF REGISTRAZIONE Logo Casinò Giochi realistici Spell Slot Stagioni Yggdrasil di visitare le camere libere del premio gratisi. Ci sforziamo di ricarica vengono offerti anche questi siti in francese Il miglior casinò, la loro denaro gratis Online 2016 casinòpremiosoftware Bordeaux casinò800 €Giochi LeanderIl Casinò Destra100 €RTGVegas casinò online Italiano Ecco una lista di un operatore con OpenBet’aide de nouvelles machines à prendre connaissance des nouveaux sites, de jeu 12 APRILE 2016 Giochi Online Italiano da: Aurélien cuccioli di casini Questo è il mondo – tutta la migliore del gioco Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild… Più informazionirmazioni per darvi le notizie Nuovi Casinò Online ParkLane casinò internet che rende ancora più difficile trovare un premio gratisi. Ci sono molti siti offrono anche questi premio. I migliori giochi in Italia, Belgio, Svizzera e è stato autorizzato dalle autorità del 2015. In primo a guadagnare soldi veri! proprietari funzionalità di controllare il benvenuto è possibile utilizzare il loro primo deposito nel nuovo sito online italiano in flash senza scaricare a volte 30 nuovi giochi che le regole del gioco Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild… Più informazionirmazioni sul settore dei siti offrono grandi opportunità per un sito online con OpenBet’aide de nouvelles machines à sous, et des nouveaux sites, de jeu 12 APRILE .

Drift HD Helmet Cam – Review

July 15, 2012 in Camera's and Equipment

Drift HD Helmet Cam Review – written by SkiAndBoarding


Drift HD – A small and powerful 1080p waterproof camera, perfect for action sports


A group of us recently went on a skip trip to the beautiful resort of Chamonix in the French Alps and this provided us with the perfect opportunity to test the Drift HD camera. The first thing we noticed after we watched the video back on a computer after transferring it using the USB cable (which is provided with the camera) was the vibrant colours and the smoothness of the picture even on fast moving skiers or snowboarders.

Keep reading this review of the Drift HD camera – written and tested by the SkiAndBoarding team.



History and tech behind the Drift HD

The Drift HD camera is the successor to the Drift camera that is known by many, for its impressive performance, durability, reliability and small size.


The Drift HD is smaller than its predecessor and has more power for performance.  The additional power results in improved picture resolution resulting in impressive full 1080p high definition video that can be enjoyed by all; it helps capture every memory and moment in far greater detail, to be enjoyed time and time again. Due to the Drift HD being smaller than the previous Drift camera, this means that the camera weighs less and is also less intrusive and obstructive when placed on any mount.


The Drift HD camera has the following specifications:


  • Full 1080 HD video
  • 1.5 inch colour LCD screen
  • Wide-angle field of view
  • RF Remote control
  • Video and photo capture (9Mega pixel photo’s)
  • Can work with cards up to 32GB (Only accepts Micro-SD cards)
  • Water resistant
  • Slow motion compatible


Our thoughts

Whilst away on our Ski trip we wanted to put the camera through its paces, for performance, durability and overall reliability to help all of you action sports enthusiasts, camera lovers, skiers and snowboarders when you are looking to buy a small HD camera.


Firstly we were impressed everyday with camera’s durability, the camera was used by those who are competent on skis and are adventurous with jumps on piste, off piste or in the snow park, needless to say these were not always landed and hard knocks and falls happened on a number of occasions. The Drift HD continued to record through the entire sequence of any crash or hard landing, making for brilliant video to watch back with your friends and have a laugh (providing no one is serious injured of course).

Once we knew from the get go that the camera was going to continue working even if it suffered a hard knock, this meant that we could ski or snowboard without having to worry about it. This meant we could be focused on the skiing rather than worrying about whether or not to do a jump incase the camera brakes. The last thing anyone wants is to take a camera on holiday and to break it on the first day, resulting in no camera for the rest of the duration.

We were impressed with the alternative rear panels that can be used, one waterproof and one that allows for the likes of an external microphone to be connected (Read our microphones section below) or a USB cable. Another thing that we thought was simply brilliant was the fact the Drift HD camera includes a lens which can rotate up to 170 degrees, allowing you make sure that your picture is always as straight as possible not matter what angle the camera might be when attached to a mount. Without the rotatable lens it would render the majority of the video useless.

We found that the buttons on the camera had to be pressed quite hard in the center of the button, to get the to operate, this is most likely due to the fact that the camera is waterproof and as such has an outer casing/shell that is thick, durable and helps prevent moisture from getting inside.

How does the camera operate and is it easy to use?

The Drift HD camera is operated by the use of four buttons and we found the controls to be fairly intuitive and easy to pick up. This is great as the last thing you want to be doing when away on holiday, is messing around with reading manuals to be able to do things such as work out how to access the video’s you have taken, play them back or to delete the ones you don’t like to save space on the memory card.

Mounts and accessories

The Drift HD camera comes with an impressive array of mounts that helps you position the camera at various different angles on numerous objects. For example it comes with two adhesive flat mounts that can be placed on any flat surface, including that of a ski, snowboard or helmet.  This helps capture a variety of different shots can be coupled together during postproduction of the video.


The Drift HD camera by Drift Innovation comes with the following in the box:

  • Drift HD camera
  • Google Mount
  • Flat surface mount
  • Curved surface mount
  • Universal clip
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Remote control
  • USB cable
  • Strong Velcro strap


The Drift HD camera also comes with a wireless remote control and a strong Velcro strap, which we used extremely regularly and made it far easier to operate the camera. For example it is easier to use the remote control to stop or start recording on almost all occasions and especially when you want to film when the camera is attached to a mount on your helmet or you are travelling up a chair lift and do not have much room to manoeuvre.

Battery performance

Overall the battery performed as desired and for the average skier would most likely be absolutely adequate and provide enough battery life for recording numerous snippets and clips throughout the day. The battery can be easily charged by plugging in the USB cable into the camera and the other end either into a USB plug socket or a computer via USB. Do note that the camera battery only charges when the camera is off.

If you are a camera enthusiast or you intend to shoot for long periods of time, then it is definitely worth getting an additional battery or two. The additional batteries will be of huge benefit if you intend to do large amounts of shooting as we found that when we used the Drift HD camera the battery lost charge very quickly when we kept watching back the recordings after ever ski jump or snowboard jump. We always found that at lunch when we were eating at one of the restaurants on the mountain, everyone would want to watch back the clips and this literally ‘EATS’ the battery life and there where a few afternoons where we wish we had the additional battery as we ran out of charge. This resulted in us missing key jumps and moments that would have added significantly to the video for the holiday.



The Drift HD camera includes an internal microphone that is great to have but like many internal microphones you cannot expect too much. The internal microphone picks up noises clearly up to about 2 meters away from the camera; anything further than this that is as loud as normal speech is not picked up and recorded. We found this to be frustrating as there are times when it would be great to hear a little more of what is going on around you, atmospheric sounds or to hear the other end of a conversation when you are on the slopes. One problem which always occurs which is not exclusive to the internal microphone of the Drift HD, is the noise of the wind passing the microphone. A great feature about the Drift HD camera is the ability to plug in an external microphone, this helps greatly if you are looking to use any audio recorded by the camera at the time of shooting.


Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis Review

May 20, 2012 in Reviews, Ski Reviews

If you are like us and you have been wondering whether Salomon’s BBR  8.9 skis are as good as everyone has been saying then, then keep reading.

We were lucky enough to try out a new pair of Salomon BBR 8.9 Skis, and they really didn’t let us down. There is a reason that there has been a lot of hype about the Salomon BBR’s, the way they ski, handle and feel in a variety of conditions is refreshing when compared to others we have tried and tested that attempt to break the mould.  People have said that these skis might change the industry, I wouldn’t go that far but I would go as far as saying that they are impressive and stand out from the rest. The Salomon team who designed and created the BBR’s, have managed to create a set of skis to help further cement Salomon’s dominance in the ski industry. They are innovative, quick and hugely responsive,  we love the BBR 8.9 skis.

How do the Salomon BBR’s handle on ice?

One of the things that most impressed us when testing the BBR’s for this review, was how they handled on ice. If you are one of the many people, who tends to fall over when they encounter ice, like most of us that do, then it is worth trying the BBR 8.9 models skis for this reason alone. Unlike many skis which are wide at the front for off-piste skiing and for gliding in powder, these skis hold their own on piste, powder and ice. We have tested many wide off-piste skis and the large majority just slide and slip on the ice, providing minimal grip, usually ending with an uncomfortably sore bum from falling over.

We found that when we did have to ski over ice, the BBR skis gripped and provided much needed support and stability.

Keep an eye out on this post as the pictures are coming shortly.

NEVA Ski Poles – Link up with your mobile on the go! + GPS features

May 13, 2012 in Weekly Update

Awesome! Check out these rude boys. Let us know what you think!? Would you use them?

Salt Lake City-based Anthony Griesel spent the past winter creating and testing ski poles that would let skiers stay connected on the slopes. His invention would allow skiers to answer their iPhones or Android devices with a finger swipe, read short text messages and view the time, temperature and elevation.

But now Griesel needs help putting his invention into more hands. He’s turning to crowdfunding platformKickstarter to raise $100,000 to mass produce his “smart ski poles.”

So far, 60 people have invested nearly $9,000 for the “Neva” ski poles project.

If funded, the poles would feature 0.96-inch OLED screen, Bluetooth adapter, rechargeable battery, rubber grips and dual density plastic. The poles would also come with a app to manage settings, calculate slope data and track routes.

For adventurous back-country skiers, the Neva poles’ screen would display slope angle and terrain details.

Creative minds routinely use Kickstarter, which has seen 2 million backers dish out $200 million since 2008.

While not all projects reach their funding goals, some people have found major success on Kickstarter. One project — to produce watches that interact with your smartphone — is sold out, raising more than $10 million with 6 days left for people to invest.

Would you use these poles on a ski slope or lift?

Let us know what you think


source – mashable

The Snow’s nearly here! New Zealand – Queenstown Resorts

May 10, 2012 in Weekly Update

Ok so I’m down under at the moment in Queenstown, New Zealand. Not only is this town the extreme sports capital of the world but it’s also home to a good yearly dumping of fresh, white powder and some awesome ski resorts! The towns all abit of a buz at the moment as the last few weeks have seen the first snowfall on the mountains.

Snow lovers heading to the slopes in New Zealand’s South Island this winter can enjoy an array of improvements and changes at the Queenstown and Methven ski areas.

Coronet Peak and The Remarkables in Queenstown, and Canterbury’s Mt Hutt have been busy over summer to ensure their teams are all set to provide a jam-packed winter full of fun for visitors.

The Mt Hutt crew is looking forward to getting loads of families up the mountain as part of the Methven ‘Kids 4 Free’ campaign. They’re delighted to offer a ’10 and under’ ski free deal for youngsters, part of a resort-wide community promotion that will see kids 10 and under stay, eat and ski for free for the entire winter season.

Mt Hutt ski area manager James McKenzie said that as colder weather set in, enthusiasm around the deal grew by the day.

“Mt Hutt is really proud to be part of the Methven Kids 4 Free deal and the feedback we’ve had from families, especially those with two or three children, is that it’s re-ignited their passion for a winter ski holiday and means record numbers of families will be able to realise their dream of taking the kids on a skiing holiday.

“Mt Hutt really is an all-round adventure playground for kids,” he said. “We’ve got the infamous Dinner With The Stars on Saturday nights, complete with huskies and snow groomer rides, plus we’ve given the kids centre a refresh over the summer.”

In another move to improve the ease of the overall experience, the mypass card that was launched in 2010, and removed any need for the paper and wire lift ticket, has reached a new level of use.

Guests can now preload money onto their mypass card, known as mypass money, leave the wallet at home and use it at any of the three NZSki mountains. It becomes an on-mountain debit card, used as easily as swiping a credit card at mountain outlets such as cafés, ski schools or the rentals department.

Mypass money can also be used at Coronet Peak’s hugely popular Icebar at the top of Greengates. Credit card and EFTPOS facilities have been installed at the Icebar, trialed last year for the first time, so guests can use their preloaded mypass money to pay for drinks and snacks.

Coronet Peak ski area manager Hamish McCrostie said the Icebar would be bigger and better than before.

“Last year’s trial showed us just how hugely popular an outdoors bar with amazing views could be,” he said. “It became ‘the’ spot to be on the mountain last year even though we could only take cash, so over summer we installed the equipment to enable electronic transactions to make it easier for guests.”

Another trial at Coronet Peak in 2011 has meant the expansion of the kids Funzone in the novice and beginners areas. This year small boxes and features will be available for kids to ‘have a blast’.

Work’s also been undertaken at the Race Arena at Coronet Peak’s Rocky Gully so international race teams visiting the resort to train will have access to a full-time Giant Slalom course.

Mr McCrostie said mountain visitors would be thrilled to know that all race activity would happen at Rocky Gully, meaning no more race events or training on The Hurdle or Eighth Basin.

Investment in new product continues across the valley at The Remarkables with new snow groomers being added to the fleet. The Remarkables ski area manager Ross Lawrence said the new groomers would suit the terrain at the Remarks especially with new earthworks carried out over summer.

“We’ve been working really hard to improve the trail network that we focused on the previous season,” he said. “This year we’ve concentrated on the improving the flow of trails and opening up more terrain for our visitors, which is especially good news for intermediate and beginners.”

Guests visiting the Queenstown ski areas will also benefit from further investment in the performance rental range, meaning more guests than ever before will be able to rent ‘top-of-the-line’ ski and boarding gear.

“Last year we tested the popularity of high performance rentals equipment and it was huge,” said Mr Lawrence. “People visiting our ski areas need to know they can get the latest equipment and not have to compromise.”

Mt Hutt ski area will also update equipment in their performance ski rentals department.

Back in Queenstown, Coronet Peak and The Remarkables have invested in two brand spanking new buses to take ski and boarding buffs up to the mountains, and they’ve introduced a new five and ten trip concession pass so people can buy multiple trips at a discounted rate.

Coronet Peak and Mt Hutt ski areas are scheduled to open on June 9 and The Remarkables on June 16, subject to conditions. For more information on each ski area go to For more information on the Kids 4 Free campaign, go to


Source -

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots – Review

February 19, 2012 in Hardware, Reviews, Ski Boots Reviews

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Banner Image

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots







Lange Blast 9 Ski Boots Review review on the Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots.


Our initial thoughts:

The Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots are one of our favourites and a personally favourite of mine. The first time I saw these boots they immediately stood out; the gorgeous design, graphics and colours work brilliantly. There are many ski boots out in the market that perform brilliantly but I like a pair of ski boots that not only performs well but that looks awesome. These boots unfortunately won’t be for everyone, as it is very important to get a pair of ski boots that is the right fit for your feet.

The Lange Ski Boots and the Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots in particular are known for being a better fit for those who have thinner feet than the rest. If you have averagely wide feet then you might find these a bit too tight, this can cause many unwanted painful problems if used even just a few times and could even result in damaged or split shins. Luckily for me the Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots feet my long thin fit perfectly :)

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Front

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Front

How do the ski boots perform?

One thing I have always found to be a problem with ski boots is finding a pair the keeps my toes warm and that doesn’t cause incredible shin pain after a days skiing. When I tried the Blaster 9 ski boots from Lange  it was refreshing to find a pair of ski boots that felt comfortable all day long and didn’t leave me with sore shins after a long days skiing. The ski boots seem to be very responsive and transmit the slightest movements or changes in direction to the skis, whilst providing excellent support.

I think one of the reasons that the Lange blaster 9 ski boots are so comfortable, is because of the self shaping tongue. The self shaping tongue pretty much does exactly what it says and shapes itself to mould around your shin, this way it provides the most support where it is needed and helps effectively distribute any pressure.



Features and details:

Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Buckle
Lange Blaster 9 Ski Boots Buckle

The ski boots are easy to get on and off thanks to the ingenious design of the buckles. Unlike most buckles on ski boots these have a 360 degree rotational pivot which means when you have undone one buckle you can simply turn it to face away from the boots, this helps prevent it annoyingly fall back unto the lower settings whilst your undoing the other buckles. One things that used to always annoy me at the end of the day, is messing around when trying to take your boots off, when all you want is that free feeling with the ability to wiggle your toes again and stretch your feet. This simple yet effective buckle design make a surprising amount of difference to the overall enjoyment of the boots.

Lange Blaster 9 Self shaping tongue

Lange Blaster 9 Self shaping tongue







All in all we think the Lange boots provide an excellent skiing experience and help deliver support where its needed. The Blaster series from Lange is an All Mountain boots so works equally well on the slopes or off piste. We highly recommend trying on a pair and finding the right fit for you :) .


If your not sure what skis to get, to go with your ski boots then why not check out our range of ski reviews such as the Rossignol S80 ski review here…

A Fearless Freak Production

January 31, 2012 in Video's

A Fearless Freak Production met up with our friend Cal Thomson who runs Fearless Freak Production and wanted to share his awesome Ski edit with everyone.


Cal Thomson’s Blog -

I have gotten to a point in my film-making career that I can confidently produce many different types of videos. I can shoot, edit and distribute promo and short films. The only problem now seems to be content. Original short films are great but to avoid being type casted as a one trick pony I wanted to try something new.

I contacted Simon Bellamy from The University of Manchester’s Ski and Snowboard Society (SKUM)

asking if I could come along to a freestyle session one day. He happily invited me along to a small competition being held at :

‘The Chill Factore’ in North Manchester

I shot the video in a few hours using a few different pieces of kit.

Camera: Canon 550D 720p 50fps
Lenses: 18-200mm 3.5/5.6 50mm 1.8
Stabiliser: Glidecam HD1000

The Glidecam HD1000 is an amazing piece of kit and is what makes the camera look as though its ‘floating’. It does however take some practice to get good at it so be prepared to put the hours in, below is a blog post which goes into more detail about the glidecam.

To create the epic slow motion effects I used a plug-in called ‘Twixtor’. Twixtor has the ability to slow footage down to 5% if not lower than the original footage. Twixtor then blends the frames to create a smooth slow motion effect. I did however shoot this video in 50fps to help twixtor out. I feel if its used in moderation it can really enhance a video so don’t go mad with it.

Just type in twixtor into youtube and you’ll find hundreds of examples of the software.

The music was created by an upcoming dubstep DJ called ‘Zomboy’. I contacted his management and said I would be interested in using his latest track ‘Organ Donor’ and would they oblige. They happily agreed for me to use the video as long as they got to see it first. This is my first large collaboration with another artist so hopefully it works out for the best for both of us.

Check out his awesome music on his facebook page:

Overall I would like to thank SKUM, Manchester’s Chill Factore, Zomboy and all the featured riders for their amazing skills.
You Can follow call on Twitter at: @_FearlessFreak
You Can follow SkiAndBoarding on Twitter at: @SkiAndBoarding

Dare 2b Thaw Out Soft Shell Review

January 31, 2012 in Jackets, Reviews

Dare 2b Thaw Out Soft Shell Review review on the Dare 2b Thaw Out Soft Shell Jacket.


Our thoughts:

This Jacket is incredibly comfortable and warm! The Thaw Out Soft Shell by Dare 2b definitely can thaw you out when you are freezing cold on those cold winter evenings and this is because of its furry inside liner. We think that from the moment you put this on you will start to enjoy it; we most certainly did.


Why do we like this jacket so much?

There are many reasons why we like this jacket so much and like the rest of the Dare 2b clothing and gear, the quality is excellent. It features the Ilus Loft Soft Shell fabric which is the reason it keeps you so warm and dry.

Dare 2b Thaw Out Soft Shell


The Ilus Loft Soft Shell Fabric is Wind Resistant, which protects you from the chill, it has a high pile fur back that provides extra support in the colder conditions and is treated with a water repellant finish that helps lock out moisture, rain and snow.


Features and details:

The Jacket features a hood with the fur from the Ilus Soft Fabric and has a pocket on either side of the zip. One feature we think more coats and jackets should include is the pocket on the forearm of the left sleeve. This additional pocked is idea for keeping your lift pass in. The zips on the jacket and the zip tags are of high quality and durability which come together to help create a long lasting jacket that you can enjoy time and time again.


The Dare 2b Thaw Out Soft Shell is available in a range of colours and sizes. We were lucky enough to get our hands on a Medium sized Black Thaw Out Soft Shell and it fits perfectly on a 12 stone 6ft 1 Man.

The McMillan Ski Cup: A race back in time

January 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

The McMillan Ski Cup: A race back in time!


On February 2nd one of Britain’s oldest ski organisations, The Downhill Only Club, will hold its unique 83rd annual ski race, The McMillan Cup. Founded in 1929 the race is one of the last remaining traditions of its kind after its ‘en masse’ starting technique fell out of favour in the 1930’s due to advances in timing technology.


The race involves up to 60 skiers simultaneously starting the race at the top of a two mile course above Grendelwald in the Swiss Jungfrau Region, specifically used as the piste is wide enough to accommodate all entrants. Starting in two rows, one behind the other and set five yards apart, the race allows male and female DHO skiers of different abilities and experience levels to take part.


The cup was originally presented to the DHO by the McMillan family in memory of Douglas McMillan, an early RAF aviator killed in an air crash in 1928. All ages are welcomed to compete with a variety of different category prizes available, one for each ten year age span and the varying levels of ability from novice to experienced. The race is also popular with the older members of the club who are recognised with their own prize categories including the ‘Heavenly Bowl’ for the over 70’s and the ‘Coffin Cup’, donated by DHO member Peter Liddell when he reached his 80th birthday.


The skiing authorities in Wengen and Grindelwald actively support the traditional and unique annual event, encouraging many DHO members make the trip to Switzerland especially for the occasion to continue the traditions of British ski racing.


For more information about the Downhill Only Club please visit buy cheap term papers