Salomon Lord Skis – Review

October 22, 2011 in Hardware, Reviews, Ski Reviews

Salomon Lord review on the Salomon Lord skis.

Our thoughts:
Love these Skis. That’s in simple terms; keep reading for why we love these skis. After attending the Slide event and meeting up with our friends Pat Sharples, Tord Nilson who ran us through the range of skis, helmets and the new BBR’s we thought we better give the Salomon Lord skis a run for their money. We were not disappointed when we thrashed these skis around on the slopes and in the powder.


Salomon Lord Skis

Salomon Lord Skis

Why do we love these skis so much?

The Salomon Lord skis allow you to lovely smooth long turns in all conditions. Nothing beats running the length of the mountain on a sunny day after a down pour of powder. If you decide that Off Piste is the way for you then the partial tip rocker will help you glide around with minimal effort but for maximum enjoyment. The front ends of the Salomon Lord skis are bent slightly upwards so that floatation in POW is enjoyable and easy. If you jump back onto the piste and fancy having a play throwing in a few turns here and there and dipping of left and right and generally just making a nuisance of you self then seriously think about trying these skis.


What are the Salomon Lord Skis made of?

The Salomon Lord skis consist of a wood-core cap construction that provide an extremely stable set of skis that you can ride almost anywhere.


How do the Salomon Lord Skis feel?

Now imagine you have just woken up to 6 feet of fresh powder to find that for one day only you have the mountain to yourself for you and your friends with the addition of being given a cooked breakfast in bed. That’s how these skis feel, they are purposefully built to make you feel good and we would recommend them primarily for people who are looking to improve their overall skill level or for those who want to experiment safely off piste. Remember safety first snow lovers!


What we think of the design?

Elegant and simplistic playful graphics make for a fun to look at set of skis. The colours are a bit dark but this is fine and well suited to those dark powder junkies who are relentless and do not feel the cold. We do think the skis could be a bit brighter or made to stand out more but its good to have a variety, they will be someone’s cup of tea but although we think they look good, we don’t feel they have the wow factor. The lack of design does make its self up and more with the performance though so they skis do have a fitting dark side to them after all.


Piste and Off Piste Mix:

The Salomon Lord Skis are pretty evenly split 50-50 for piste and off piste use. They look slick, feel great and make you look cool effortlessly. If you are looking to perform quick sharp turns or try out for your local alpine slalom ski team, then these are quite right. They are designed or longer turns and for day where you simply just want to hit the mountain and have fun with your friends.

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